Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

Wayne County Emergency Management Agency is located in the Wayne County E-911 Building at 155 North Wayne Street in Jesup Georgia. The Emergency Management Program is based on the Georgia Emergency Management Act of 1981, as amended December 1992. The Wayne County Board of Commissioners and Mayors of Jesup, Screven and Odum created the local EMA by Resolution updated November 2001. Mission Statement: The Wayne County Emergency Management Agency (WEMA) is the lead local agency for coordination of emergency and disaster response activities. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and aggressive emergency preparedness, response, and recovery program for the citizens of Wayne County in order to save lives, protect property, and reduce the effects of disasters through mitigation programs. About Us: WEMA serves approximately 33,000 citizens living in Wayne County and the Cities of Jesup, Screven, and Odum. WEMA's responsibilities are to develop and maintain emergency plans, conduct disaster training exercises for all agencies, provide emergency public information, and provide awareness and education programs. WEMA directs and coordinates the county’s rescue unit. WEMA has a Local Emergency Operations Plan that establishes a framework for emergency management planning and response to prevent emergency situations; reduce vulnerability during disasters; establish capabilities to protect citizens from effects of crisis; respond effectively and efficiently to actual emergencies; and provide for rapid recovery from any emergencies or disasters which affects the local jurisdiction.

DIRECTOR: Donnie Ray                   dray@waynecountyga.us 

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