Industrial Authority

Title 36. Local Government

Provisions applicable to counties and municipal corporations

Chapter 62. Development Authorities 

O.C.G.A. § 36-62-1 (2007)

County Commissioners appoint all members directly. These are six year terms. Created by Constitutional Amendment July 1963. Resolution (R - 308) dated 3/4/96 increase members to nine, with these two additions serving four year terms. The initial appointees terms per (R - 308) will expire 12/31/99.

Authority Members  District  Term Expires
Kent Fountain 12-1-20
Mike Burch 12-1-20
Joe Ierardi 3 12-1-18
Ralph Trapnell 4 12-1-18
Carey B. Jones 5 12-1-18
Randy Teston              At Large 12-1-22
Randy Franks At Large        12-1-22



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