Solid Waste Authority

Name District Term Exp.
Steve Larson Co. Comm.- District 1 1/1/22
David Felt Co. Comm.- District 2 1/1/23
Justin McDonald Co. Comm.- District 3 1/1/24
Todd A. Wise Co. Comm.- District 4 1/1/22
Jeremy Dent Co. Comm.- District 5 1/1/25
Ray House City Of Jesup 1/1/22
Samantha Griffis City Of Odum 1/1/24
Brandon Harris City Of Screven 1/1/23
Mike Deal Solid Waste Authority 1/1/25

Resolution Eff. 8/5/96. Solid Waste Authority shall consist of nine members. At least three members shall be Elected Officials in Wayne County, and this requirement shall take precedence. Five members shall be appointed by the Wayne County Commissioners, one member by City of Jesup, one member by City of Screven, one member by City of Odum, and one member to be appointed by the Solid Waste Authority. In the event the board is not properly constituted with three Elected Officials Of Wayne County, then the Wayne County Commissioners shall increase the number of members through additional appointments so that the board is legally constituted. Such additional members shall serve until the next appointments thereafter are made. Members shall serve staggered terms. Terms are for four years.

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