Civil Cases

General Civil - $207.00 

Plus applicable service fees. ALL cases except:

  1. Family violence
  2. Abandoned motor vehicle actions
  3. Incoming transfers See below for additional sums in condemnation and bond validation cases. 

**State, Municipalities, counties political subdivisions or agencies are exempt from $15 POPIDF-B and $125 Judicial Operations Fund fees. 

Motions or petitions requesting an order filed 30 or more days after judgment or dismissal require a new action filing cost. 

Family Violence - No Fee

Incoming Transfer from:              

Superior Court - $50.00

Probate Court ($50 plus add JOF fee of $125) - $175.00

Magistrate Court ($60 plus add JOF fee of $125) - $185.00               

*Note that ADR and POPIDF-8 has already been collected and disbursed in Magistrate Court. - Minus fee transferred from Magistrate Court

**File upon receipt of the fee transferred from Magistrate Court and send filing party a bill for outstanding balance.

Appeals from Lower Courts (same as General Civil Fee) - $207.00

Abandoned Motor Vehicle         

  • Filing petition (includes JOF fee applicable to Superior court) - $152.00
  • Plus ADR fees, if applicable - $7.00
  • Motor Vehicle Judgment Certificate - $3.00

Condemnation and Validation of Bond Action per Bond

  • To be collected at conclusion of action in addition to General Civil Costs above   
  • up to 500 bonds - $1.00
  • over 500 bonds - $0.50

Per page for recording - $1.50

Subpoena - $5.00

Issuing Execution - $0.00

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