Courtroom Dress & Conduct Code

The following dress code for the Superior Court, State Court Juvenile Court and Drug Court of Wayne County is applicable to all persons entering the courtrooms of the four courts. 


It appearing to the Court that a prescribed dress Code and a guideline for conduct in the courtroom is needed. 

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that all persons entering the courtrooms (in Wayne County) as spectators or participants shall be dressed in the following manner: 

Male : shall wear long pants, dress shirts and shoes; no earrings or body piercing jewelry; all shirts to be tucked in; are expected to wear collar (tie and coat recommended but optional). 

Female: shall wear dresses, long pants or skirts, blouses, shoes, shirts tucked in; no bare midriffs; no body piercing jewelry (other than earrings/one per ear); may wear a pantsuit, skirt or dress. 


IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that there shall be no pagers nor cellular telephones in the courtroom. Any deviation from this order shall be approved on a case-by-case basis by the presiding judge. 

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this Order shall be provided to the Sheriff of Wayne County and filed in the minutes of the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court, State Court, Juvenile Court and Drug Court of Wayne County. 

SO ORDERED, this 3rd day of May, 2002.


Superior Court (Brunswick Judicial Circuit)

E.M. Wilkes, III, Chief Judge, Superior Courts

Stephen G. Scarlett, Sr., Judge, Superior Courts

Anthony L. Harrison, Judge, Superior Courts

Roger B. Lane, Judge, Superior Courts

Jerry Caldwell, Judge, Superior Court


State Court of Wayne County

R. Violet Bennett, Judge, State Court


Juvenile Court of Wayne County

Jerry Caldwell, Judge, Juvenile Court


Drug Court of Wayne County

Stephen D. Kelley, Judge, Superior Courts

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