Solid Waste Minutes- March 28, 2017

Minutes                 Wayne County Solid Waste Authority Meeting                            


                The meeting was held at the Commissioners’ meeting room.  Present were Larry Brannen, Secretary Rob Patton, Chairman Bill Harvey, Jerry Wright, and William McLaughlin.

Prayer led by Rob Patton

Pledge led by Bill Harvey

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, who first brought up New Business:

                In response to our letter requesting information, Larry Brannen toured the Broadhurst Lnadfill facility where he reviewed documents available on-site and requested a copy of the site’s Operational Plan.  Chris Bloxham (Republic Services) was in attendance and said this would be no problem.

                Bill Harvey asked if monitoring reports were available.  Brannen said no monitoring reports were seen.  Bloxham said there was “no law against it” [providing monitoring reports to the SWA], but they would need permission from Jeremy.  Brannen noted this would make it easier for the SWA to speak to the public about their concerns.

                Rob Patton asked if Waste Profiles of customers would be provided as requested.  Bloxham said “We can’t give you that information, but you are welcome to come out [to the site - presumably to see the information there].”

                David Remick noted that SWANA was offering a class at UGA in June.  Several SWA members agreed this would be a good chance to learn more.

                William McLaughlin asked Remick if the Army Corps was the final word on permitting for their project?  Remick replied that they notify the County and 10 other stakeholders 18 months ago.  Patton asked Wright if the County had been so notified, and Wright said “No.”  Hershel Hires was in attendance and suggested that Luther Smart be asked if notification was received.  Derby Waters said he had checked and found that the County was NOT notified.

Old Business

The minutes from the February 21, 2017 meeting were considered, at the chairman’s request.  All indicated they had the opportunity to read them.  Wright moved that those minutes be accepted as written.  McLaughlin seconded this motion.  The chairman called for a vote to accept the minutes, and the vote was unanimous in favor.


                Harvey then indicated that the SWA needed to go into executive session to discuss personnel and legal consultation [executive session redacted].  Following the executive session, Treasurer McLaughlin gave his report that the SWA account contained $10,000.00.  Harvey moved that there be plaques purchased for Thad Brackin and John Flowers from Sheffield’s.  McLaughlin seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.  The bill was to be sent to Wayne County Solid Waste Authority at the County Administrative Offices. Harvey then adjourned the meeting.

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