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The office of the tax commissioner is responsible for collecting ad valorem property taxes for the state, county and school board. The process begins with the preparation of the annual tax digest. After approval, tax bills are issued to the owner of record as of January 1 of the current tax year. The bills are computed based on the assessed values of real and personal property as determined by the Chief Appraiser and Board of Assessors of Wayne County and the millage rates set by the Board of Commissioners and the School Board.

Additionally, the tax commissioner serves as the tag agent for the state of Georgia by registering motor vehicles and collecting TAVT taxes, vehicle ad valorem taxes, and tag fees, as mandated by the state.

It is the duty of the tax commissioner to collect all taxes, penalties and interest due and remit all monies collected  to the proper taxing authorities. As required by state law, a 10% penalty attaches to all unpaid tax bills 91 days after the due date and interest attaches at 1% per month, with the first 1% added on the day after the due date. The penalties and interest are prorated among the state, county and school board based on the millage rates for the year(s) collected.

Prior to tax bills being issued, property owners receive a Tax Assessment Notice from the Board of Assessors which shows the assessed value of your property and the ESTIMATED AMOUNT of your tax bill, based on the previous year’s millage rates. This amount may change, depending of the millage rates set by the commissioners and school board members. You have 45 days from the mailing date of the assessment notice to appeal your property valuation with the Board of Assessors. This is done by filing a written appeal with the Tax Assessor’s office. For more information, click here to go the Tax Assessor’s web page.

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